Want to show your pride in America's 29th President? Then why not give the gift of love and buy your entire family products from The Harding Institute for Freedom & Democracy. We've set up online store at these two different sites:



Here is the basic design...
On the CafePress site, available items include shirts, mugs, thongs, boxer shorts, outerwear, kids clothing, hats, bags, buttons, posters, banners, cards, calendars, stickers and more.

And at the PrintFection site, you can find T-shirts, sweatshirts, BBQ aprons, mousepads, tote-bags, cutting boards, coasters and more.

Both stores sell a variety of different items, and both sell comparable T-shirts. The CafePress site definitely has more variety in what they sell for us, but we’re told the PrintFection shirts might be of slightly higher quality. But browse and decide for yourself. Either way, you’ll be supporting the proud work we do here at the Harding Institute.

And don’t forget: Our designs are even available on sexy ladies camisoles, boxers, or even a thong!

To order all items, just go to:




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